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Force https using an .htaccess file

If you want to force a given website or path to use https, redirected from http, you can create an .htaccess file in the DocumentRoot for that domain or hostname, and add the following code:

which will redirect any non-https connections to https using the same request and GET variables. If your site is running throu...

Setting up quotas on an XFS partition

The xfs file system is different than the previous ext3/ext4 file systems. This guide will be closely related to the standard quota setup guide, except that xfs may have a few extra steps that require more manual intervention. If you need quotas setup on the /home partition, then the guide should be very similar to the standard quota setup guide.  ...

install DA on Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine

first connected as root with the command:

Next, stop the Firewall

Then I followed on CentOS 7, xfs is used by default and Quotas are not activated, so you need to enable them manually

add quota options rootflags=usrquota,grpquota into the end of GRUB_...